SAR Technology

My Mobile Witness, Inc.'s proprietary technology is designed to provide first responders, law enforcement personnel and concerned citizens with an effective nationwide communications and reporting tool. The See Something Send Something® mobile handset application allows suspicious activity with national security implications to be captured as a photo or descriptive note and directed in a geo-tagged Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) format to the appropriate State Homeland Security or Major City Intel Center. Data base system software resident at the Intel Center places the SAR onto a GUI based mapping solution that allows analysts multiple sort & search criteria based upon time, date, location and mobile number.

By providing citizens and first responders with an effective tool for communicating geo tagged information, intelligence centers can enhance and increase their suspicious activity reporting while maximizing the value of incoming tips.

Privacy and Security

My Mobile Witness uses patent pending privacy protection methodology for protecting tips, citizens personal information and chain of custody. Fully vetted by state and federal agencies, the system allows intelligence centers to engage citizens without tracking location or storing of personal information. Submitted tips are immediately removed from the handset and purged from the My Mobile Witness system once delivered to an appropriate intelligence center for analysis.


Integration with current Intelligence center capabilities provided as stand alone hardware or software provisioning. Desktop GUI is customizable for integration into existing systems.